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Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Breach Your Business Security

The advances in internet based technology and services have made it very easy for small-time businesses and entrepreneurs to do business online. Also, there is a growing trend in the number of users that do their shopping via the web. With the increasing use of smartphones among customers, your next sale is only a click away.

The biggest challenge online business face today is to protect their customers’ data and at the same time offer them a good user experience. If you run an online business, it is your responsibility to protect your site from hackers and cyber criminals. A well thought out company policy for handling customer data is a must. Business security depends on how well you are able to safeguard your company policy.

As cyber security is key for businesses that wish to succeed, every online business needs to be diligent on this front and follow best practices and leverage technology to make their systems safe.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer is a very important part of business security. KYC is the practice of collecting basic data about your customer and is being used in a variety of industries to avoid fraud. Knowing your customers also provides many advantages to the business itself. The knowledge that you get through KYC can be used for developing your products and marketing around customer needs. KYC also serves as a base for identifying the security needs of your business.

Business Security


Use of security certifications and encryption is a must. Customers today are alert enough to look for this basic protection before making a purchase. In the case of a security breach, it is a good practice to alert your customers immediately. If your site uses cookies, then it is important to inform your customers of the same. All sensitive data must be encrypted during transit and storage. You must use a good antivirus software for all your systems to prevent malicious software from gaining unauthorized access to your data.

Keep Yourself Updated

Cyber criminals are always coming up with new ways to breach systems and gain unauthorized access. In addition to having a security policy, you also need to know your vulnerabilities and keep yourself updated on ways and means to safeguard your critical assets.


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